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For the last one decade, Agrarian crisis involving heavy debts and failure of crops have witnessed farmers committing suicides or going for mass migration in the Vidarbha region of Maharastra (Amravati and Yavatmal districts) and in the adjoining districts of Madhya Pradesh (Betul and Chhindwara).The alarming rate of

suicides and migration in the recent years has caused major concern with the population and resources depleting at faster pace.
Necessitating a change in the trend of suicides and migration, Kisan Mitra, a network of 15 NGOs have initiated efforts towards generation of livelihood means for the farmers with focus on economically viable and sustainable agriculture. The NGOs are actively involved in rural development activities through sustainable and innovative models of agriculture thereby reviving the trend of suicides and migration in these areas With the major focus on livelihood generation and food security, the NGOs have initiated the empowerment of the farmers and landless

labourers. With the cognizance of the issue among the international community and studies undertaken to understand the causes and solutions to the issue, the 15 NGOs have become important in unraveling the ground realities affecting a pragmatic approach to resolve the issue.


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