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Farmer Suicides has been the most shocking and disastrous happening of India in the last one decade. Poor farmers, being heavily debt-ridden, are forced to commit suicide. The suicides by the farmers have reached alarming rate with Maharashtra and specially Vidarbha region reporting huge number of farmers’ deaths. Maharastra itself has reported 2774 farmers’ suicides in 6 years till December 2006.

In the year 2006 alone, 1248 farmers have committed suicide in the Vidarbha region of Maharastra. So, Vidarbha region has virtually proved to be a suicidal graveyard for the farmers’ of the region.

With the aggravating Agrarian crisis, the livelihood of poor farmers has shrunk almost drastically leaving them enormously debt-ridden and without any means to repay the loans acquired for agriculture purposes. Agriculture in India is highly dependent on the erratic and scanty rainfall. Any small change in the rainfall pattern can impact the agricultural production potentially. Moreover, the agriculture sector has started showing decline in the last few years with it being more sensitive to outside situation like higher dependency on external resources and other externalities.

The farmers in the Vidarbha region who have taken large amount of loans for agriculture purposes were unable to repay the loans owing to these circumstances and were forced to commit suicide. It is shared by the statisticians that on an average 5 suicides take place everyday.

In these circumstances, the farmers are vulnerable due to lack of knowledge, information, financial and physical resources, collective power and their voiceless structure. Helping the farmers earn their livelihood through sustainable agriculture has been the sole motive of the 14 NGOs of Kisan Mitra.



Migration has emerged as one of the major problems faced by the Agriculture sector with the farmers migrating to other areas in search of livelihood. The Betul and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh have witnessed large number of farmers migrating to all over India.

According to some studies, the crisis is due to ineffective input, insufficient output, limited information & knowledge, ineffective farming policy and lower priority to agriculture over other sectors.

The structural problems of the government agencies, failure of extension services in urgency and added to it the ever declining seasonal output of agriculture, has led to reduced livelihood support to the farmers. With the increase in the cost of living and lowering net profits, the farmers find themselves in greater indebtness.

They are forced to migrate in search of labour work. The government agencies with their resources have negligible or limited effect over resolving the migration issue.

Kisan Mitra through its 14 partner NGOs are helping the farmers engage in tracing the alternative sources of livelihood in the work area located in Madhya Pradesh.


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