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Kisan Mitra carries out networking with like  minded Organizations, Individuals, Farmer Organizations and CBOs. The organization promotes Sustainable Agriculture Techniques through a project on the same. It also carries out advocacy for the rights and entitlements of the farmers with the Government. It creates linkages with the urban marketing setups for the rural products. It also spreads the success of demonstration villages in neighbouring villages.


Capacity Building




Kisan Mitra also disseminates information about new Agriculture Techniques, Agriculture policy of the government from time to time through meetings and workshops. A one day workshop was organized on 12 Sep 2007 to discuss the Agriculture policy at Amravati with the help of Action Aid, India, Mumbai and Focus on Global South India.



Kisan Mitra carries out studies on issues like migration, farmers suicides etc. A baseline study was carried out on the issue of migration and Farmer’s suicides in the project area. Kisan Mitra published a news Bulletin in July 2008.


Other Initiatives (Workshops, Seminar, Rallies etc.)

Kisan Mitra also organizes rallies, events, meetings and seminars to discuss issues and for disseminating information about agriculture policy of the government, new schemes of the government, new agriculture techniques etc. In this regard, Kisan Mitra organized various events at 7 different places in 4 districts to discuss issue of food security on 16th October (World Food Day).


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